The Band We are an International cover’s band from Ireland, and have  being playing live for many years. We have a very large  compilation of songs from the 70’s, 80;s 90’s that we perform  regularly., and enjoy live music. We are a four piece group of musicians playing Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, with  dedicated a vocalist. Several members of the band sing  backing vocals and some lead. performances. Our female  lead vocalist is a highly experienced performer and very  much enjoys interacting with the crowd.  There is a selection of our set lists and songs we have  performed down the years for your review, there are also  some you-tube clips of the audio sent in by members of the  crowd at our performances. The visual is not always great,  but we have posted these for the Audio value and as a  thanks to the person whom sent them on to us. Our main vocalist and has many years experience singing live,  hailing from a musical family with buckets of energy and talent.  We are proud to say she is part of the band   Our guitarist and keyboard player. Mainly focusing on lead guitar  and playing some keyboard parts when required has a sold base  in rock & pop with years of gigging experience to draw from.  Singing some lead and backing vocals which give depth to the  vocal performance within the band   Our Bass guitarist, doubling up on vocals for the lighter sets has a  versatile range of songs,  and has been playing form many years  and a solid addition to the band.   Our drummer has oceans of musical experience with over twenty  year playing live and has travelled all over Ireland playing with  different acts. We are happy to have all the experience these  musicians bring to our band, solid, passionate about what they  do. Rock Set
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